Saturday, January 14, 2012

Book: Ten More Bodies by Connie Triplett

I made myself finish this one, because the last book I tried to read, I had to give up, and I refused to give up on two books in a row. I'm giving it three stars because it was a good story that could have been great. FBI agents, serial killers, small-town law enforcement, southern settings, maybe a touch of romance. All things I love in a book. I took a chance on a book with only two reviews, with one being from the alleged proofreader, and thought I couldn't miss. Boy, was I wrong.

The writing was high school level, with awkward sentence structure, grammar errors and an inexplicable dearth of commas where they really should have been. Gads! Chapters were rife with short sentences, quotation marks around conversations with no idea who was actually speaking, and thought processes that seemed more suited to high school students than trained FBI agents. There were characterization issues and problems with realism: federal agents don't hop on planes on a whim, or visit death row prisoners just because they ask. Nor do they conduct entire investigations without reporting to a supervisor. Trained federal agents who happen to be female and "serial killer specialists" don't scream like ten-year-olds and give up on life just because there is no immediately obvious way to get out of a dangerous situation without a male agent readily to hand.

I'll give Ms. Triplett credit for an intriguing idea that could have kept me immersed, but not for writing a good book. The end leaves room for a sequel. Unfortunately for this author, I won't be looking for it.

If grammar errors don't bother you, feel free to read this book - you may just like it. Otherwise, steer clear.

This was a free Kindle edition.

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