Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book: Rescue Me by Sydney Allan

This was a really cute book, with rivalry between twin sisters, and animal rescues, and friends who are far more persistent than one finds really welcome.  The kind of persistence that in hindsight makes you know that those are the best friends you ever had.  However, I thought I was going to go into a diabetic coma from the saptastic last few pages.  Good grief!  I made myself slog through it, but sheesh.

I did find that the vast majority of the heroine's issues were resolved very neatly, quite unlike my life has ever been, and in the end, she did not face any challenges that really made her push herself far beyond her previous limits.

Her relationship with her family, the biggest obstacle in her way, was all a result of a complete lack of maturity (at 24, the horrors!) and a seriously bitchy mother who preferred her twin daughters to be at odds with each other.

Lest you get the impression that I did not enjoy the book, I did.  I just had a few minor quibbles.  Until the sappy ending.  lol

This was a very low-priced or free Kindle purchase on Amazon.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Book: Taken By Love by Mindi Winters

Good solid premise, but OMG the typos and grammar errors!!!!

Proofread and edit, people!  At least pay attention to those squiggly lines in MS Word.

Since I got a new phone, I've been reading much more using the Kindle for Android app.  I've noticed a disturbing trend in the Kindle editions - many more typos, more extra words, bad sentence structure.  Does publishing a book into an e-book format automatically release an author or publisher from the due diligence of providing as error-free a book as possible?

I think not, and I'm disappointed that so many of the books I read lately make me want to take a red pencil to my phone screen.

This book was the worst example I've yet to see among the dozen or so books I've managed to read over the last three weeks since I got my new phone.  Oy vey.

Monday, November 14, 2011

NaNoBloMo - Different Homes

blogHer writing prompt:  When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people’s homes?

I guess I was about twelve when I had a sleepover with a girl from school and noticed that her parents were so encouraging, not just to her, but to all of us.  No ideas were too stupid to share.  They were actually interested in what us measly ol' twelve-year-olds wanted to discuss.  It was very uncomfortable for me until the parents left us girls to our own devices.  I just didn't know how to deal with adults like that.

PSA: United Health Care's Solutions for Caregivers

It's not just older Americans that sometimes live alone and need help, but certainly we need to pay more attention to our elders.  SolutionsForCaregivers has lots of good information for people with elderly or disabled (or both) friends or family living nearby.

Did you know that:
19% of Americans age 65 and older live alone
  • Just because you don´t live with your loved one, doesn´t mean you can't help them prevent household accidents. Take simple precautions such as placing water absorbent, non-skid mats on floors in front of sinks or encouraging your loved one to wear shoes that provide traction.
15% of Americans age 65 and older are unable to lift ten pounds, leading to a lack of mobility
  • This can make even simple tasks like cooking dinner difficult for your loved one. Help offset this by placing appliances in easy-to-reach places and purchasing items such as a pasta pot with a built-in strainer that make everyday tasks easier
42% of Medicare enrollees age 65 and over have limitations in activities of daily living
  • Activities such as grocery shopping can become more tedious as a loved one gets older so stock up on nutritious foods that won´t spoil to help make trips to the store less frequent.
19% of Americans over the age of 85 experience symptoms of depression
  • One way to fight depression is by socialization, so engage family members in group activities such as cooking dinner together. Establish a new family tradition in the kitchen this holiday season and think of ways to include your loved one in the action, such as reading a recipe or sharing stories.
UnitedHealthcare cares for caregivers and these tips are just a few examples of the help available to you through Solutions for Caregivers. This resource can assist you whether your loved one is around the block or across the country. Visit for more information.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

BzzReport: Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin campaign

Yesterday, I finally got my BzzKit for the Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin BzzCampaign.

I got a full size Sensitive Skin Cleanser and Sensitive Skin Moisturizer, and eight samples/coupons to share with friends.

I tried both the cleanser and the moisturizer this morning.  The cleanser does moisturize - I could feel the difference in my skin, even while I was rinsing my face.   The cleanser is a little more liquid than I'm used to using, and I used a bit too much this first time.   It's not as effective on the oily patches right at the corners of my nose as I'm used to from my usual facial cleanser, but time will tell how the difference will show in my face.

The moisturizer is a little pump and needs a good bit of priming before any product actually emerges from the dispenser. It's actually less liquid than the cleanser, and I'll have to learn how much to use.  I'm not used to using a moisturizer, because I sweat so much it's just pointless.  Luckily, we're heading into cooler weather and I'll be able to give this moisturizer a really good effort.

Hours later, my skin feels good - soft - and I don't have any of the itchiness I frequently have on my face once the dryness sets in.

The campaign ends on Tuesday, so I'm thankful I got this package in before the due date.  :D

Who wants a sample?

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

To Pen or To Pencil

I think yesterday's BlogHer prompt was about whether one prefers to use a pen or a pencil when writing, you know, on paper, like in the olden days.

Well, I still write on paper like in the olden days, and I definitely prefer a pen.  I am a pen whore.  I have to try out lots of pens, then when I find one I like, I have to use that kind forever and ever, Amen.  It does depend what kind of paper on which I am writing, and why I am writing.  I mean, do I need a smooth, fancy line, or big, bold letters?

I'll use a pencil sometimes, too, but it's got to be a mechanical pencil, and pretty much only when using a pencil is required by some obscure rule.  I even do crosswords with pen.

Hmmmm.  My Amazon search box isn't working.  Brat.