Sunday, May 26, 2013

Random reading, writing and TV

Criminal Minds, you kill me every year.  And it wasn't the finale, but I love the little glimpses we get of JJ's Will, and the way she decided to work off that bad juju was great.

I have seventeen (!!!!!) pieces, BSG and original, in various stages of done, and having my beta-reader otherwise occupied for the past month is driving me crazy.  I'm hopeful that with school letting out, her life will slow down soon.  Cross my fingers.  I might have to go over there and make her read while we're watching TV.  I can just see that.  "Here.  Read my porn, please.  No, I don't want cookies (I'd be lying), I want to finish my stupid stories so I can post the porn."  lmao

Arrow is not a perfect show, but it's got really great moments, and there were a lot of them during the last four or five episodes of the season.  During the scene where Oliver was trying to tell Tommy he'd be fine, there was so much homoerotic subtext that it wasn't even subtext.  Damn.  I swear I thought Oliver was going to kiss Tommy and I think it might've been hotter than Oliver kissing Lauren.  lol  And what's with Diggle?  All of a sudden he's running around in tank tops and he's even buffer than Oliver?  The shoulders on that man.  See, the show gives me plenty of eye-candy, and for that alone, I will continue to watch it.  John Barrowman.  :flails:  And that little moment with Thea and Roy?  Awwww.  I kind of like the idea of Oliver and Lauren, but frankly, there's more chemistry between Oliver and Felicity, and that's not even considering her continual verbal sexual innuendos.  How is Oliver ignoring those with a straight face?  Hell, how is the actress saying those lines with a straight face?  Every time she lets one fly, I think of the story Like Something Out of a Fanfic and it makes me laugh.

Once Upon a Time is getting too convoluted for me.  These two are conspiring with each other, and she's conspiring with him and he's conspiring with another her and she's become a barfly and where the hell is Red?  And Charming is boring again without his gun.  I still have the last three episodes to watch, and I will.  Ethan Embry is wasted here.  And seriously, this show does not have enough sex - everybody wears too many clothes.

Still have Revenge and Castle to finish up for the season.

I'm liking Grimm a lot better then OUaT right now.  I could listen to Sasha Roiz read the script in a monotone, if he would do it in French.  He has very pretty eyes.  I'm wondering where the Juliet thing is going.  Something's off with that.

I think I'm going to skip the rest of Monday Mornings, except for the shower scene, of course, when I visit my TV friend.  I'm also not going to bother to watch Revolution or Touch.  I'd really like to watch a few episodes of Bates Motel - I love the two leads - and see if it appeals to me.  And A&E is having a marathon of Katee's Longmire today, with the new season starting tomorrow, I think.  I have to catch up on Person of Interest, too, since I can only watch that one on the DVR.

I ran into a professional cook at Kroger today.  I was trying to find something for which I had a "free" coupon, and he asked what it was I wanted to make.  He was describing making something, and he's all "bip bip bip and it's done" and it was adorable.  I explained that I suck at cooking, unless it comes in a box or has very strict instructions, whereas my brother can pick six random things off the shelf and make something fantastic.  He said he could do that, too.  I envy that, but more I envy that he likes to cook.  I just hate it.  Cooking is all hot and sweaty and there's no good payoff.  I mean, yeah, there's food at the end of it, but if I want to eat, I have to cook every day, and that is just a big fat pain in the ass with nothing to show for it but ten minutes of eating and then dishes.  I just need to win the lottery.  Plus, I got back from Kroger and realized that I didn't pick up one of the three things I even went for in the first place.  :sigh:

Having a latex allergy and then finding out that something I used has latex in it?  So not fun.  At least my morphine allergy makes pretty purple poofies on my skin.  The latex makes my skin look like I have leprosy.  Ick.  And ow.

My new Kindle will not let me download the app that lets me read my Nook books on my Kindle.  Frakker.  The Nook is just not as user-friendly, and makes reading slow and cumbersome.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Been too long, so a little fun

I have OCD.  I am (?) OCD.  Whatever.  Anyway, this manifests in my life in some odds ways.

When I drink from something that has writing on it, the writing has to face me.  If there's writing all the way around, I have to pick something and that has to stay facing me until I'm done with that cup.

When I tear my Sweet N Low packets (or whatever the store/restaurant equivalent is), they all have to be facing the same direction - right side up, facing me - and I tear the right ends off.

As a matter of fact, while I'm sitting at a restaurant, it would be very unusual for me NOT to face all the packets in the little condiment rack.

I sit with my back against a wall.  If trouble's coming, I want to see it coming and maybe do something about it.  I've been told that this is something I learned from my dad, though I don't recall that at all.  I just know I can't eat with my back to a room full of strange people.  Or a door.

I alphabetize to destress.  Give me a stack, pile, room full of anything, and I can work off my stress by putting whatever it is into alphabetical order.  I also bake and throw furniture around, but I think those are more normal destressing activities.  lol

Cans, boxes, jars, etc., in my pantry all face front.  If there's more than one of something, the labels all have to line up with each other.

If I'm eating at a restaurant, when I'm done, I start stacking stuff and cleaning off the detritus.  Some of my dining companions find this amusing, some find it annoying, but the waitstaff?  They love it.  This is something my stepmother does, too, so maybe it's a learned behavior, rather than related to my OCD.

I do my stuff in the shower in a certain order.  Whenever I've tried to shake myself out of that, I always forget something important and have to get back in to take care of it.  Having to do that irritates me more than just keeping to my routine and being weird.