Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kay Hooper series of trilogies

I checked out all these books at the library, and no money changed hands anywhere.

Kay Hooper wrote a series of trilogies, featuring and building the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit of the FBI.  All members of the SCU are psychic in one way or another.  If this sort of thing does not appeal to you, move on along, because the whole psychic thing plays a huge part in these books.

Each book actually stands alone rather well, though reading them in sequence and within a fairly short time-frame makes for more suspense as the over-plot gets revealed or resolved, little by little, in each book.  I did not read all the books in order - in fact, I did not know there were so many until this last trip to the library.

The trilogies are, in order, Shadows, Evil, Fear and Blood.  Each title in each trilogy contains the name of the trilogy.

I read book 3 of Evil, Sense of Evil; books 1 and 3 of Fear, Hunting Fear and Sleeping with Fear; all three books of Blood, Blood Dreams, Blood Sins and Blood Ties.  I actually read Blood Ties first, and that's what set this whole thing off: it had a list in the front of the book of all of the SCU books, and I made a special trip to the library to get as many of these as I could.  I'd read several of the books before, and interestingly, remembered enough of those plots for the references in the later books to make perfect sense.

The only "complaint" I have is that references to the events of Blood Sins made them sound horribly traumatic and suspenseful.  In point of fact, the resolution of that piece was fairly short and simple, and therefore, a bit disappointing.  Had I read the books in order, perhaps I wouldn't have noticed this.

Stealing Shadows (Shadows Trilogy)
Hiding in the Shadows (Shadows Trilogy)
Out of the Shadows (Shadows Trilogy)
Touching Evil
Whisper of Evil (Evil Trilogy)
Sense of Evil
Hunting Fear
Chill of Fear
Sleeping with Fear
Blood Dreams (A Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novel)
By Kay Hooper: Blood Sins (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit: Blood Trilogy)
Blood Ties: A Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novel (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit: Blood Trilogy)

For me, these books were suspenseful and action-packed, with believable psychic "gifts," as well as believable struggles for the people learning to cope with their new (or old) abilities.  Each of these people brings something to the table besides being psychic, many are either military or police trained prior to joining the FBI and several have specialties that make them valuable to the FBI as a whole, not just to the SCU.   The love stories share equal time with the action, and yet are not given short shrift in the overall plot.

If you are one to read books about out of the ordinary abilities and gifts, I highly recommend any of the books in this series.

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