Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Movie: The Pacifier

Another movie review from 2005.

My daughter and I saw this movie last night.  We decided to check out the dollar movie after work and supper and were originally going to see Miss Congeniality 2. Unfortunately, that one didn't start until nearly an hour after we got there, and so we decided on The Pacifier instead.  (on a side note, I saw MC2 at a later date, and thought it pretty well sucked)

It has Vin Diesel (best known for xXx and The Chronicles of Riddick) and Lauren Graham (from Gilmore Girls and Bad Santa), plus Raymond's older brother Robert (sorry, can't remember the actor's name) in a love-to-hate role.

I had cramps from hell when we sat down and was desperately hoping that the movie would at least be distracting so that I'd stop thinking about it, but really, wasn't holding out much hope.

Imagine my surprise to find myself laughing out loud more than a few times, at the antics of Vin Diesel pretending (very well) to be a SpecOps Lieutenant relegated to babysitting duty because of a National Security situation.  His character had no previous experience with children and his overreaction to normal childhood happenings were definitely behind some of the laughs.  His lack of experience, though, also made him more able to handle other things because of a lack of preconceived notions.

I enjoyed this one immensely and daughter and I plan to add it to our library when it comes out on DVD. (we did indeed do this)

There is some violence and there might be some ass or damn, but it's a Disney movie, so it's pretty tame language-wise.  There is one Disneyfied kissus interruptus and a completed kiss toward the end.  And, of course, it has a Disney happily ever after ending.

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