Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I slept most of yesterday.  I woke up relatively early, but didn't really feel good, and hurt a lot, so I took some Aleve and Benadryl and went back to sleep.  Woke up about 4.

Got some reading done, found a few art books and got them listed, then last night I got a spurt of energy, and found the pieces to a shelf and put it together.  Found a bin that had my extremely generous supply of incense and candles.  Found a bin that had my high school Pep Squad pompoms.  lol 

So, with that little bit, I feel as if I actually got something done.

Now, I should be trying to sleep, because my mom (yes, the one who removed me from her Facebook page) is taking me to get a car.  I imagine she'll want to start as early as possible (she knows I'm a night owl), so I may just stay up and forget trying to sleep until after I've gotten home again.  I'm not really interested in the lecture involved in answering the phone from a dead sleep and saying I'm not ready to go.

I really do need to find some matches or a couple of reliable lighters, though.  I ran out of matches and can't find a single damn lighter in the whole house.  I want to burn some incense!

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