Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Product Recommendation - Dollar General toilet paper

I like coupons, and making my shopping as frugal as possible.  I recently had the opportunity to spend money (that could only be spent at Dollar General) for some staples.  I decided to try to the DG toilet paper.  It felt OK, and appeared to have the same texture as the Angel Soft and something else that was nearby.

There are some things about which I am particular, and will not compromise.  Toilet paper should stay between me and my bodily functions, and I am willing to pay a little extra for TP that actually does this.

Dollar General toilet paper is not only inexpensive, but also cheap.  It fails at the first sign of wetness, and when one has been butt-sick, as I have been for the last day, this is not only uncomfortable, but also really icky.  Yes, I know I can wash my hands.  I do, every time I use the restroom.  That is not the point.

I highly recommend purchasing some other, more substantial brand of toilet paper over DG in the yellow package. 

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