Friday, December 31, 2010

The great world of Amazon and other online sales

I made much use of the eBay promo allowing me to list 100 items every month for nothing, only paying final value fees if something sold.  I did sell several items, but certainly nothing like I wanted to.

I "sold" several things on Listia, where the buyers only pay for shipping.

I found a new selling website called Bonanza, where I sold a group of things to one person, and have had no other activity on there as yet.

However, I started listing things on Amazon on a whim, and my stuff started rolling out the door!  I listed a couple DVDs, a couple CDs, a few books and a glut of tarot decks.  Other stuff has sold, and mostly, it's been the tarot decks flying off to new homes.  One item sold for over $100!  For a tarot deck! 

I just got on there tonight and listed a few books I found while I was unpacking a box.  Three are from the Piers Anthony Incarnations of Immortality series, which I read about 20 years ago, and loved a lot.  I've tried other Piers Anthony, most notably his Xanth series, and just couldn't get into them. 

Anyway, here are links to the three I have listed:

On a Pale Horse: Book One of Incarnations of Immortality
Bearing an Hourglass :Incarnations 2
For Love of Evil :Incarnations 6

All are First Editions and have never been read, if you know someone who collects First Editions or Piers Anthony.

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