Monday, November 8, 2010


So, my past is complicated, not least by the strangely shaped family tree from which I sprouted.  This little glossary of terms should make it easier to understand my posts, should anyone ever actually read them.  :)  And I don't know how I settled on these "names" for my family, but I've noticed that when I say certain words, I mean certain people.

As I come across other references that are specific, I'll try to update this post.

Parents = biological dad and stepmom
Mother = biological mother
Sisters = all my sisters, step or half or whatever
Brothers = all my brothers, step or half or whatever
Mom = stepmother
Little Sister = biological half-sister, younger by 4.5 years
Youngest Sister = stepsister, younger by 5+ years
Little Brother = half brother, same dad, baby of the core four children of whom I was the eldest, younger by 8.5 years
Younger Brother = half brother, same mother, met him when I was 15, was not reared in same household, younger by 9.5 years
Older Sister = half-sister, same mother, have never met, she "shunned" my mother and I very soon after she contacted us while exploring her adoption, older by 2+ years
Mr Potatohead = my son-in-law
Mrs Potatohead = my daughter
Ryan Potatohead = my older grandson
NB Potatohead = my younger grandson

Patrick = the house in which I lived during 5th and 6th grade
422 = the house in which I lived while I was attending high school
Market = the house in which my parents lived while dad was in OK
917 = the house in which my parents lived until my dad died

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