Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book: Aiden's Bayou by Kimberley Reeves

Aiden's Bayou is a fun, relatively quick read. Good characterization throughout, with a couple of inconsistencies. Well-written, with few editable errors. For the most part, I love her brothers - I always wanted protective older brothers like these. Her mother is a classy dame. Cold-hearted bitch, but classy. Her father is a slightly stereotypical Italian family man, who doesn't seem quite as smart about his daughter as he is about his business empire.

Some things I noticed jumped out at me and made the story a little less great. For those small things, I'm taking off a star. Keep in mind that I didn't really notice them until I was done with the story, so they certainly didn't detract from my reading pleasure.

Any human being with even the tiniest bit of curiosity would probably have used the internet to find out what people were saying about them. I know that in Quin's situation, I most definitely would have. Then again, if he had, the huge dust-up with his mother wouldn't have been a plot point, and the story would have had less punch.

I found it slightly unbelievable that Aiden, who takes everything her parents dish out at home, could be such an assertive and savvy businesswoman out in the real world. The intro into her previous love life took up a little too much time and didn't really add to the plot, particularly as neither partner is mentioned again, except in passing, in Aiden's thoughts.

Aiden's best friend, Vivian, says at one point in the story that she's "been in love with you for years." Apparently, she didn't think that a legal researcher with a solid employment record would be good enough for the likes of James Champagne and so never even flirted with him. Nowhere else in the book does this lack of self-esteem really show through. She's smart and attractive and cares deeply about her friend Aiden.

SPOILER ALERT! In the end, guests at a wedding are told that there had been several mistakes, and that they were actually present to witness a double wedding. Except that, any marriage licenses would have had to be obtained prior to this little switcheroo, and therefore, neither wedding is actually legal.

The chemistry between Aiden and Quinten is fairly sizzling, and the descriptions of unexpectedly seeing someone across the room, someone with whom one is freshly in love, are perfect and tug at the heartstrings. Ah, to be young and in love again! I really did enjoy this book while I was reading it, and would gladly read something else by this author in the future.

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