Monday, January 16, 2012

Book: Second Star by Dana Stabenow

I found this book on one of my searches for free Kindle downloads.  I put off reading it because I just have so many Kindle books on my phone!

One I started, I had a really difficult time stopping for little things like eating, and I did not go to sleep until I finished it.

This is hard science-fiction, no fantasy here.  Wonderful characters about whom it was easy to care - I cried in at least two places, so much did I care about the characters.  Even though much of the book is basically "a day in the life," it was far from mundane.  When the story heated up and the real action got started, it was even more fascinating.

Polished writing and professional editing.  I did not find a single editable error in the entire book.  Considering the state of many of my Kindle reads lately, I'd almost give an extra star just for that, if I could.  :)

My two regrets:  I did not find this book, or its sequels in the 90s, and the two Kindle sequels are completely out of my budget.

Suitable for about 13 and up.  There are a couple of sexual situations alluded to, but not actually put on paper (so to speak).