Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book: Killer Temptations, volume 1 by Danity O'Shae

I enjoyed this book, a little bit.  I wanted to enjoy it more, but the plot kept getting interrupted with sex scenes.  Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE sex in my books - the more graphic the better, though I prefer tastefully graphic, rather than prurient.  But in this case, the sex scenes were fairly short, not really very appealing, and were stuck in right when the story itself was starting to get interesting.  Some scenes were necessary, considering the subject and plotline.  Necessary or not, they nearly always felt intrusive rather than important to forwarding the movement of the plot, and the attraction between the two main female characters seemed contrived and was never convincing to me.

There is a really good story lurking here, about the underground S&M club scene, and the women who get into it, for whatever reasons.  It just never lived up to its potential.  The relationships were good, but not really great, not enough to make me really care about following these women into the next book.

Supremely annoying was the author's use of the word breast, always referring to both breasts.  She would say nipples or titties, but the word breast was always singular.  The first couple of times, I just thought it was a typo, but it continued to happen.  She used it a lot, and I got so tired of it.

At the time of this review submission, I'm the sole dissenting vote in a small field of five-star ratings, so your mileage probably will vary.

This was a free Kindle edition of the book.

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