Saturday, November 5, 2011

To Pen or To Pencil

I think yesterday's BlogHer prompt was about whether one prefers to use a pen or a pencil when writing, you know, on paper, like in the olden days.

Well, I still write on paper like in the olden days, and I definitely prefer a pen.  I am a pen whore.  I have to try out lots of pens, then when I find one I like, I have to use that kind forever and ever, Amen.  It does depend what kind of paper on which I am writing, and why I am writing.  I mean, do I need a smooth, fancy line, or big, bold letters?

I'll use a pencil sometimes, too, but it's got to be a mechanical pencil, and pretty much only when using a pencil is required by some obscure rule.  I even do crosswords with pen.

Hmmmm.  My Amazon search box isn't working.  Brat.

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