Sunday, November 20, 2011

Book: Taken By Love by Mindi Winters

Good solid premise, but OMG the typos and grammar errors!!!!

Proofread and edit, people!  At least pay attention to those squiggly lines in MS Word.

Since I got a new phone, I've been reading much more using the Kindle for Android app.  I've noticed a disturbing trend in the Kindle editions - many more typos, more extra words, bad sentence structure.  Does publishing a book into an e-book format automatically release an author or publisher from the due diligence of providing as error-free a book as possible?

I think not, and I'm disappointed that so many of the books I read lately make me want to take a red pencil to my phone screen.

This book was the worst example I've yet to see among the dozen or so books I've managed to read over the last three weeks since I got my new phone.  Oy vey.