Friday, June 3, 2011

Seduction versus Steamrolling

Romance authors and womanizers, take note! 

Let her get to know you, not the caveman in your pants.

Macking on her until she gives up saying no is not seducing her. 

A man who hears me say no, then tells me, "It doesn't count if you say it now.  You have to say no when I've kissed you until you're a puddle of goo.  Then I'll believe it."  Um, no, you won't, because if I say no and you go ahead anyway, you won't get another chance, and you might just get escorted home in a specially lighted chariot.

Characters like this are not attractive romance novel heroes, and female characters who put up with this bullshit (unless they're role-playing) are not the strong, confident women they're supposed to be.  Books with these kinds of characters (I've read two in the last two weeks) are not great stories to read.

Far from relaxing with a good read, I get angry that any woman believes this crap, much less writes it in a book so other women can see it and maybe believe it, too.  NO really means NO, not make me say yes.