Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ghosts Abound!

I checked all these books out at the library and no money changed hands anywhere.

Heather Graham wrote the Bone Island Trilogy, Ghost Shadow, Ghost Night and Ghost Moon, all set in and around Key West, Florida, and a small circle of friends who mostly grew up together.

Ghost Shadow (The Bone Island Trilogy)
Ghost Night (Bone Island Trilogy)
Ghost Moon (Bone Island Trilogy)

In the beginning of each book, there's a fairly comprehensive, bulleted list of historical events involving Key West and how it came to be Key West.

I've read many of Heather Graham's books, including several under her "pen" name Possezere (I think), which is actually her real name.  At any rate, I've come to expect a certain quality from her, including well-choreographed sex scenes.  These books were a big disappointment for me.  There were characters I particularly enjoyed, like the actual ghost who was a part of the family for the entire trilogy, but mostly, I kept expecting there to be something more to the story and there never was.  The sex scenes were so blah that I even thought the books might have been better without them.

At the end of the trilogy, and yes, I made myself read all three books, I was left with nothing but a serious jones to visit Key West sometime soon.  I cannot really recommend these books, though your mileage may vary.