Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, Wednesday

Got through the screening process for my county's MHMR, and went to the local office today to finish the screener and see what services I could be offered.

The office was closed, not just today, but all week.  When they reopen, they will only be open on Friday.

I need help, y'all.  Really badly, I need help.  How am I supposed to try to fix myself if the services I need are not there when I go to them?

Besides all that, for whatever reason, today is a bad day.  I just can't get defunked.

Maybe I'm just thinking too much about not having a place to live in a couple of months.  Something always works out, you know?  It has all of my adult life.  But in the meantime, while I don't know HOW it's going to work out, I worry.  Constantly.