Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Movie: Constantine

Yes, I know this movie is way old news.  lol   It's a review I wrote in 2005.

This movie got chosen for two reasons:  It stars Keanu Reeves and it's rated R.  There were other movies I wanted to see more, but the whole point of the evening was to pick something I could see that my daughter couldn't.  I love my brother.  :D  This is the first movie we've each seen in the theater since Troy, which coincidentally, we saw together.  We decided last night that Brad Pitt liked his own ass better than either of us did.

It was dark and confusing and had pretty girly boobies nearly falling out of a shirt, and I liked it.  Not the greatest movie I ever saw, but worth the $6.50 I paid for a student ticket.  It's worth at least a trip to the dollar movie, in my opinion.  It'll definitely play much better on the big screen than as a rental.

If you're not a Keanu fan, don't bother, because he's his trademark self in this movie.  Personally, I love the little almost-smile he has and he uses it a couple of times in this movie.  My brother and I both sighed.  We also both enjoyed the single shot of Constantine with his shirt open.

Rachel Weisz is the female lead and duals as the female lead character's twin sister.  She's very pretty.  Heee!  I just looked her up on IMDB and she and Keanu were together in a little movie I watched a lot of years ago called Chain Reaction.

I had never heard of the comic Constantine, so I don't have any means of knowing whether or not the movie followed the comics.  It's a typical good v evil story, from the point of view of someone not quite either.  Some really interesting imagery related to the peripheral characters, and a lot of untypical casting choices, I thought.

If you're not a bug person, there are at least a half-dozen scenes where you'll be squeaked.

Thus do I review a movie, by telling you whether or not I liked it, without actually telling you anything about the movie's plot.

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