Wednesday, January 5, 2011

latest on health - TMI alert (at the end)

What I've noticed this week is that I am superstiff in the morning, or anytime I've been asleep for a while. 

I don't pee as much as I used to, even when I drink A LOT.

My left hip protests at some very strange things - moving around or rolling over in bed, walking, moving in my chair, etc. 

My left elbow often gets very stiff.  

The bug in my left eye is still there, and I'm occasionally getting flashes.  I think that's not really a good sign, but money is, as it has been, tight.

Without all my meds, my period has moved two weeks and gotten VERY regular.  Like the same date each month regular.  Like I know it's going to start today regular, even though I've had no symptoms.  Weird.

I get swelled up nearly every day, and it's always better after I've had some sleep.

I get cold now.  Since I have been used to being able to sweat in Siberia, that's very, very strange.  Plus, I don't really like being cold.  It seriously makes my hands hurt.

My shoulders pop in and out, kind of like popping my knuckles.  Hurts more before I do it than after I've popped it. 

The range of motion in my neck is less.  I can't always turn my head to look behind me, which is something I do most often in the car.  Yes, I look behind me instead of just using my mirrors.  Call me old-fashioned.

And, if you've read this far, here's the TMI:  This week, I reached a milestone.  One day in the shower, I could not reach everywhere to wash.  I had to really squirm to get soap in certain places.  One day this week, I also could not reach as far as I needed to to wipe.  Since it only happened once each, I'm going to pray that it's just isolated for now.  I mean, this could really help me with my disability claim, but I think I'd rather qualify some other way.  Know what I mean?