Friday, December 31, 2010

Bzz - Dymo Labelmaker

I got my Bzzkit in the mail a week or so ago, and have already unpacked it and used it, of course.

I'll write a proper review of it after a few more uses, but first impressions?  It's a good weight and fits well in my hand.  The keyboard is difficult for this qwerty-trained girl to use.  It's worse than hunt and peck!  I don't like the little black stuff that comes off the label every time I print.  They couldn't come up with a better way to print a label?

The labels are a great size, and the font size is customizable, with multiple lines and everything!  I've already used it to organize my online listing items better.

Fine Print:  I'm a BzzAgent and I got this Dymo Label Maker for free from BzzAgent, to use and share my personal opinions about it.

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