Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Job Focus

Today's work search focus was on courthouse research.  I picked an email at random from my job search folder.  It was from  I looked at the work-from-home list, as usual, and the term court researcher caught my eye.  I don't recall seeing that one before.  I've certainly done my fair share of research, both online and offline, so I am qualified.   I applied to at least six of the two dozen companies listed, and may hear back with some assignments next week.   We shall see.

Speaking of assignments, which we weren't really, a mystery shopping company, who shall for now remain nameless, finally paid me last week for work I completed in August and early September.  Even at that, I had to send a formal email requesting the status of my payment, and "suggesting" that if he didn't get his booty in gear, he'd hear from a lawyer.  Amazing how quickly he paid after that.  Don't think I'll be doing any more work for that company.  Brats.