Thursday, November 11, 2010

Facebook v. Gather v. Classmates v. other social network sites

I like Facebook.  I've found old friends and classmates, and I get to "talk" to them daily.  Yes, I could go to to find old classmates, but unless I pay, the functionality of the site is limited for me.  And, there are just too many friends and family members I would never hear from if I weren't on FB. 

As for Gather, several times a year, I wonder why I'm even still there, since it's definitely not for the points.  It's been several years, and I've never been able to cash out.  Then November rolls around and ChristmasWishlist posts start coming in, and I find something I really love about it again.  I don't ever "hate" it there, but I can frequently find someplace else online I'd rather be.

As for MySpace, I recently closed that account, and won't miss it in the slightest.  Though I will miss my connection to GuyzNite, who did a song for the last Die Hard movie.  Love that song, and the guys are funny!

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