Monday, August 17, 2015

Netflix: Sense8

Jenny Crusie, a romance writer I enjoy, has been watching Sense8 on Netflix, and critiquing the show. Her critical analyses are by turns funny as hell and irritating as frak.

Be warned, if you have not seen the show, she spoils EVERYTHING. EVERY SINGLE THING.

After the last two episodes, I decided to respond on her blog. Here's my answer.

I have to laugh at these – what do we call them – critiques?
Beyond the occasional reminder that you love this show, one could not be blamed for thinking you actually detest the show. They hardly ever do anything right, or to be more precise, the way you would.
I love your books, have for a long time, but they are not the only books I read, because your way of telling a story is not the only way of telling a story which appeals to me.
Sense8 is telling the story a different way than you would, and it’s a way I quite enjoy, have experienced before, and am looking forward to more of. That’s not to say I was never “What the ever-lovin’ frak was that?” at any time, because I was, but overall, I knew the payout on this would be a long time coming, and I for one, am willing to invest the time, the effort, to slowly put the layers back on the onion so that when it all comes together, in the end – and it will, make no mistake – it will be such a profound feeling of satisfaction.
“Normal” storytelling is what most TV is, and most TV is frakking boring, with a few exceptions.
Show me something new, Wachowskis. Show me something that makes me think and wonder and turn ideas over in my head, JMS. And then go away and let me watch my very predictable Law & Order, so I can give my brain a break.
If you haven't yet checked out Sense8, I highly recommend it. It's smart and frustrating and unflinchingly emotional. It's only on Netflix, which is a problem, I realize, because I had to visit a friend and borrow her Netflix to watch the show. But if you're a Wachowski fan, if you like JMS's storytelling style, find a way to watch it.