Monday, August 17, 2015

Cranky Monday

Guest Dog barked at the damn mail person. Until then, I was sleeping really well for once. I am not feeling very friendly toward guest dog at the moment. I'll get over it, 'cause she's a dog, but until then, she needs to stay the frak away from me. I didn't even let her lick the yogurt from my empty breakfast bowl.

Chase wrote off my overdraft balance, 100% of which was their stupid fees - monthly service fees for not using my account (because I had $2.48 in it), an extended overdraft fee, and the one that started it all, the charge they put through when there wasn't money to cover it in the first place. On something I had cancelled, for frak's sake. I guess I'm supposed to feel thankful that they never charged me the $35 overdraft fee? Yeah, okay. Thanks for that tiny kindness, Chase. Gramma doesn't like you today. Gramma preemptively doesn't like you tomorrow, either.

Blue Bell is rolling out distribution, FINALLY. Only the part of the country they started with wasn't even Texas, and the part of Texas they started with is awfully frakkin' close to Louisiana. So Houston might get some Blue Bell, but not San Antonio or Austin or Waco or Dallas or Fort Worth. Blue Bell, I love you, but you damn well better be worth MONTHS of waiting. I support you taking apart your factories from the ground up - it was a good move - but damn, man. I haven't had any Blue Bell since like, I don't know? December?

And in the final insult, Applebee's, which has $7 burgers on Monday nights, sent out an email saying some of those $7 burgers even come with refillable fries! When I can't get out of the house and get a burger tonight, that's just mean. Cruel and inhumane, even.

On a not-cranky note...........okay, I don't have one.

I'm alive? That's a win, I guess.

Oh, hey. I have clean underwear because I washed my underwear last night. Win!