Saturday, July 18, 2015

Book: Unleashed by Sennah Tate

I received a digital copy of Unleashed via Romance ARCade in exchange for an honest review.

Unleashed is Dez and Alina’s story. Their romance is sweet and slow, their connection quiet and warm, and I enjoyed it quite a bit more.

Isabel and Aaron are heavy in the background of this one, and Izzy continues to be childish and petty with Aaron, who isn’t adjusting well to being in a relationship.

The group has gained more powers as a result of the cemented connection between Izzy and Aaron, though, and Alina remembers and shares more of what she remembers of the Travelers and the fight against the darkness.

When Alina uses her power to locate more Evokers, she ends up connecting at a women’s shelter, and though the counseling temporarily derails her with Dez, she figures her feelings out soon enough.

The writing in this segment was much more even, and I found fewer mistakes.

I do want to continue reading, to learn what new abilities will surface and who will find the next love connection.