Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Book: Shattered by Sennah Tate - part of the Soul Shifters serial

I received a digital copy of Shattered via Romance ARCade for the purposes of providing a review.

Shattered is Ty’s story. Through a set of circumstances only possible because of past events, Ty meets Sadie, a woman with a young son. Ty and Noah share an immediate connection through comics, and they get along beautifully. Ty and Sadie share an unusual connection, too, and it confuses them both.

Sadie is accepting of the things Ty shares with her at first, but then the reality of everything becomes overwhelming and she backs away.

The shadows are persistent, though, and Sadie has to go to Ty for help.

This particular segment is a little light on action, more about building the emotional stakes. The segment is complete in itself, but does clearly connect to the full arc of the story. Someone who read only this, though, would likely be dissatisfied with the lack of context for both the antagonist and the relationships among the friends.

There were a few mistakes with words, but this segment was mostly harder to read because of comma splices making run-on sentences almost everywhere.

This is still an unusual take on the Fated Mates trope, and I’m invested enough in the story to read the final segment, Redeemed.

All by itself, this segment of the serial is a three-star read.

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