Thursday, June 5, 2014

TV: Killer Women

I'll admit that I watched the first episode of Killer Women and let it go. That first ep was interesting, but not so interesting that I wanted to watch more right then. The most compelling relationship in that episode was the brother/sister relationship of Molly and Billy (Helfer and Trucco), and that includes the affair between Molly and Dan (Marc Blucas).

Figured since I was at it, and writing isn't happening, I'd go ahead and finish Killer Women. Luckily, HuluPlus is having a free trial week, so I could watch the ones that aren't on the ABC site any more.

Seeing all the episodes in a row (warning - episodes six and seven are reversed on Hulu - Demons should come before Daughter of the Alamo) makes the show much more compelling. Trucco and Helfer resonated exceptionally well as brother and sister, and the people cast to play his wife and children seemed authentically Latina/Tejana. 

The Parker family roots go deep into Texas history, and into local Indian history (note: they used the term Indian in the show, not Native American), and Molly in particular was driven by her history. I loved Marc Blucas in Buffy, though I didn't love Riley's relationship with Buffy, and I'm always happy to see him in something else. Here, he was rugged and believable as a love interest (despite the semi lack of chemistry with Helfer), and he was growing on me as DEA Agent Dan.

There were little things being woven in that could have reverberated through the rest of the season had the show not been cancelled. Perhaps most interesting was the myriad of ways they found for women to be the perpetrators of the crimes. I didn't get the second meaning of the show's title until three episodes in.

Lots of little things left open to interpretation, but since the first season was so short, the show also gets to go out on a high note - going out while it was getting better, not after it had jumped the shark.

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