Friday, May 24, 2013

Been too long, so a little fun

I have OCD.  I am (?) OCD.  Whatever.  Anyway, this manifests in my life in some odds ways.

When I drink from something that has writing on it, the writing has to face me.  If there's writing all the way around, I have to pick something and that has to stay facing me until I'm done with that cup.

When I tear my Sweet N Low packets (or whatever the store/restaurant equivalent is), they all have to be facing the same direction - right side up, facing me - and I tear the right ends off.

As a matter of fact, while I'm sitting at a restaurant, it would be very unusual for me NOT to face all the packets in the little condiment rack.

I sit with my back against a wall.  If trouble's coming, I want to see it coming and maybe do something about it.  I've been told that this is something I learned from my dad, though I don't recall that at all.  I just know I can't eat with my back to a room full of strange people.  Or a door.

I alphabetize to destress.  Give me a stack, pile, room full of anything, and I can work off my stress by putting whatever it is into alphabetical order.  I also bake and throw furniture around, but I think those are more normal destressing activities.  lol

Cans, boxes, jars, etc., in my pantry all face front.  If there's more than one of something, the labels all have to line up with each other.

If I'm eating at a restaurant, when I'm done, I start stacking stuff and cleaning off the detritus.  Some of my dining companions find this amusing, some find it annoying, but the waitstaff?  They love it.  This is something my stepmother does, too, so maybe it's a learned behavior, rather than related to my OCD.

I do my stuff in the shower in a certain order.  Whenever I've tried to shake myself out of that, I always forget something important and have to get back in to take care of it.  Having to do that irritates me more than just keeping to my routine and being weird.