Friday, April 12, 2013

Replacing Google Reader

OK, so Bloglovin did not work for me.  I couldn't arrange my feeds the way I wanted, and it would only display one column, down the middle, which included blurbs and pictures and the whole shebang.  I want HEADLINES/SUBJECT LINES only.

NetVibes gives me that.  Importing it from Google Reader was easy, once I found the tutorial on it.  It has a very user friendly interface, with click to expand and click to collapse, so I can view more of a headline, then collapse it again if it's not what I want.

Since it's headlines only, it allows me to scan the headlines for the things I want to read first.  It allows me to rearrange my feeds into new groups by dragging and dropping.  It lets me mark all of a blog read without impacting the other blog feeds under that category.

So far, I've found nothing I don't like about it.  It's going to replace Google Reader nicely.

Also, it's free, but has upgraded versions that do more things - more than the average reader would need.

One thing I do like that Google Reader doesn't do, when I mark things read, they don't disappear. So if it happens that I marked something read and it turns out that I want to refer back to it a few days later, the headline is still there, just grayed out so I know it's been read.