Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TV Catch-up

In which I say irreverent and raunchy things, and make snarky remarks that won't make any sense to you at all.  :D

Revenge - all the little complicated pieces are conspiring against each other and getting in Emily/Amanda's way (Maybe I should call her Amily).  Also, I don't trust Aiden for some reason.  He's a hottie, but he rings that little warning bell in my head.  Amily's going to regret that for some reason.  I'm still holding out hope that Amily and Jack will end up together.  I mean, how could Sammy the dog be wrong?  lol  And, boy, do I hope this means that Ashley is gone.  Her character has always struck me as sleazy, and the little six-year flashback into how she met Amily doesn't make me like her any better.  Nolan, Nolan, Nolan.  Will you never learn not to trust a good-looking guy?  Seriously, dude, your romantic choices in men are always out to get you.

Once Upon a Time - Alpha!Charming Acting Sheriff is so much more intriguing than lovelorn milquetoast David.  Mulan is still boring, and she and Princess Aurora always look like they're about to kiss each other.  Methinks Prince Phillip will have some competition on his hands, unless all three of them settle down in a menage and live happily ever after.  :)  Queen Regina has the most fabulously awesome clothes, not that Storybrook Regina dresses like a slouch.  Barbara Hershey has ill-fitting dentures.  And Hook.  He's got an angle, just can't figure out what it is.  Whatever it is, he still looks good in those leather pants. 

NCIS - Something I really enjoy about Tony's relationship with Ziva as opposed to the relationship he had with Kate:  he actually likes her.  Yeah, he liked Kate and flirted with her, but it's not the same.  And yes, there's that constant undercurrent of something else in his relationship with Ziva, has been from Day One.  Bottom line, though?  He genuinely likes her, wants her friendship, and is willing to offer his real friendship in return.  He just wasn't that guy with Kate, wasn't mature enough or hadn't lived through enough heartbreak or something, I don't know.  Whatever the reason, I like what NCIS has done with their friendship. 

NCIS: LA - I'm sorry.  Are we supposed to just not notice that that Marine is missing the stripe down his leg?  FAIL, costume guys, FAIL.  Hanna looks good in that uniform.  Yes, yes he does.   Hetty pretending to be the grieving widow was priceless.  "Felix here is almost like a second child to me."  :pets the dead fox:  What a hoot!

Arrow - Best Dad line in a TV show in a long time: "Merry Christmas, sir.  How are you?"
"Proficient with firearms."
For all out cheesy intimidation, I still prefer the Bad Boys scene with Martin and Will, but this guy had just one line, and made it work.  lol 

L&O: SVU - Man, lotta heavy hitters in the 02/06 episode, Monster's Legacy.

I like that they just let Amaro blatantly express his appreciation for how good Olivia looked when she approached the original crime scene.  Much more realistic than just one cop ignoring another cop who usually doesn't wear dresses, and does usually somewhat downplay her femininity at work.  Are they intentionally being vague about who "he" is?  We saw a hand in the episode where she was on a plane heading for vacation, then just the reference to "he" in this episode.

I adore Andre Braugher whenever he guests on SVU, and this was no exception.  I think there might've been enough to the stories to warrant a second hour, what with the way the case kept spreading out in different directions, but  L&O generally avoids two-parters, near as I can remember.  It does tend to make some big, meaty cases seem too easily resolved, in my opinion.  In this case, the wrap-up was a bit of a disappointment, because there are going to be waves of repercussions, no doubt about it.  But I guess that's not really what SVU is about.

I see some of young Olivia in Rollins - the inability to quite control the expressions on her face when she's confronted with information and stories that arouse her disgust and anger on behalf of victims, the perseverance to keep making and tracking down connections.  That character's not always used to her full potential, but they did a decent job of it in this episode. 

Hawaii 5-0 - Alex is getting the tiniest little bald spot starting on his crown.  lol  Danny is really kind of a jackass sometimes.  He was more antagonistic than usual in the 02/04 episode, but not uncharacteristically so.  That little moment at the end with Steve and the three guys?  If taken at face value, and assuming the belief in something inexplicable, would seem to imply that Ookala did not survive surgery.  Love William Sadler as McGarrett the elder, and the little handshake between them was very touching.

NCIS - I love an Abby-heavy episode, but this one (01/29) didn't quite do it for me, though the actress did a marvelous job of playing young Abby.  I just think the end was too easy.  Gibbs saves the Abby day again, and it was too pat.  I think it might've been more Abby to have tried to reconnect with Ricki Evans and to find out what kind of difference her small act of kindness made to a young girl who'd lost her mother and her grandpa in one fell swoop.  It was a good episode, just off somehow, not true to Abby Sciutto or something.  The music in the scene where young Abby talks to Ricki's grandpa brought back fond memories of high school days.  lol

02/05 - McAbby - lol  The team had entirely too much fun with the hacker guy, who had seriously the whitest teeth.  the acting NCIS director is wishy-washy aka a weenie.  He's got potential, though.   

Watching NCIS: LA (01/30) and the terrorist in the headgear looks familiar, and then when she starts talking, she sounds familiar, so I go to trusty old IMDB, and her name really rings a bell.  Since I'm on my Kindle, I don't have all the information, but suddenly my mind makes the connection - it's Kat!  Hah!  I'd not seen her in anything since I finished watching BSG last fall.  It is extremely amusing to see wild-haired Kat all covered up from head to wrists to ankles.  :)  The fish thing was cute, too.

(02/04)  Nell pronounced Joint Special Operations Command. They all know what it is.  She's NCIS, she would have said JSOC.  Everyone else did.  Oh, but let's just assume everyone who watches this show on a regular basis needs it dumbed down for them, eh?  Sheesh.  And now.....they're functioning as a team.  Sweet work.  "She's got the Gorgon stare."  OMG too funny!  Go, Nell!

"Wouldn't three courses make it a triangle meal?"  "Waitress?"  lmao

Criminal Minds 02/06 - Ooh, one of my favorite character actors, Keith S.  I've loved him since Equalizer.  Which leads me to Edward Woodward, which leads me to a remake?  With Denzel Washington as Robert McCall?  :grumbles:  I guess I'll just wait and see.  Now, back to CM.  lol  Well, that's a twist - and right in time.  I was just thinking it was way too easy to settle on the dad as the bad guy.  Aaand an even bigger twist.  Nice work, CM.  I did not see that coming. 

CSI - 02/06 - Opens with Greg and Sarah, easily my two favorite characters.  No poker face today, for either of them.  BTW, I hate the predictable thing they're doing with Sarah and Grissom.  There are ways to keep Grissom alive in Sarah's life without Peterson being on the show, but instead they're going with outta sight, Sarah's unhappy.  Ugh.  As for the mystery - much as I want Mac to be happy, and much as I liked Megan Dodds' characters in Ever After and MI-5, I think the character of Christine on CSI:NY is boring.  Mac doesn't need boring.  

CSI:NY - 02/01 - They telegraphed the thing with Lovato and Flack from the very beginning, which is unfortunate. We'll see if they manage to maintain interest in the pairing, and how long they wait to let them sleep together.  I like Lovato a lot, though.  She's fiesty and smart.  I really liked the background music in the scenes where they're working the cars.  Nice emotional ending, uncle remembering his nephew and laughing.  That sort of memory is hard after a death - difficult, but makes the grief process easier in the long run, remembering happy things about the deceased.

02/08 - Conclusion to the 02/06 CSI ep.  So far, much as I hate to say it, I'm just not particularly impressed.

Elementary - two of the last three episodes, Watson was wearing the same brown/black leather skirt.  Weird.  I do like the way Sherlock and Joan seem to be getting closer - learning things about each other, and becoming more friend-like, though I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call them friends yet.

Blue Bloods - the end of Inside Jobs was Too.Much.Fun!  Very creative way to fill out the letter of the contract.  Nice guest spot by Mastrantonio.  And I really like the new brunette partner, Mac.  Men In Black - I'm always fascinated by shows/movies/portrayals of religions other than my own, and particularly by those that are more hmmm....exclusive?  The Hasidic community is always interesting.  I had the killer pegged pretty early, and the overall reason, but not the underlying one.  Tom Selleck can still bring the woobie-face.  Dude.

Oh, and on Arrow?  Whoever is in charge of buying Diggle's black suit pants should be given an award.  :ahem: