Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stuff That Happened

(original lj post 01/09/2013)
'Cause yeah, my brain is too tired to come up with something intelligent to call this.

Last week, landlord went to the movies with a friend on New Year's Day.  They came back about the time I was heading out the door because I was ravenous.  They decided they were sort of hungry, too, mostly for dessert, so we all went to the same place.  Oh, did I mention this friend was on the recovering end of sick?  You can see where this is going.  Yes, landlord and I both got sick, and apparently with something completely different from the friend, though I contest that is because our immune systems are already compromised and so we are handling it differently than she did.  Anyway, I'm still recovering, and doing the slightest little thing wipes me totally out.  Last week, I slept through nearly four entire days, and didn't turn my computer on for three of them.  Didn't turn my computer on at all.   That's sick, folks.  lol  

And yet, somehow I did some kind of time warping, because despite sleeping through nearly four whole days and more than half of the other days, I finished seven books and a bunch of short stories, only one of which was on my To Review list.  Yes, I purposely picked books to read that were just because I wanted to read them.

Anyway, now I'm down to exhaustion and hacking up a lung at inopportune moments.  And randomly feeling like I haven't eaten in weeks. ETA:  that frakkin' cough lasted until about a week ago, so it hung on a LONG time.  

Landlord talked to a friend in the medical community who says that there are three big viruses going around, one the flu shot kills dead, one the flu shot didn't plan for at all, and one GI virus that is extremely tricky and keeps coming back.  I'm thankful we got the one in the middle.  I have zero interest in any kind of GI virus, unless it means I get endless men in uniform for the next year, in which case?  Sign. Me. Up.