Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Full of Random

(original lj post 02/01/2013)
Two rats down in the last two days.  Creeps me the frak out to dispose of them, but then I get distracted by the science nerd in me, who examines them very closely - tails, ears, hair color, both male.  Yes, I noticed.  Then I triple-bag them and take them out to the trash bin on the alley.  My landlord has this whole story going now where the momma rat/s are at home thinking, "I just sent him for some damn food.  He's out frakking some skinny bitch with no tits, isn't he?"  It's pretty funny.  Or maybe we're just really strange.

I responded to a comm prompt tonight.  First time a prompt put a whole entire story in my head, so yay for progression in that area.  I'm still working on a challenge from someone else.  That one's being a little more elusive, though I've got parts of it.

Went to pick up a crockpot from a freecycler today, and OK, before I tell you the rest, I have to say that the crockpot was disgusting.  Not clean, dessicated roaches and roach eggs, just gross.  Am I the only person on the face of the freecycling planet that cleans things before I give them away?  I mean, that was just nasty.

Anyway, driving away from the disgusting house, and I noticed two garage sales.  At the second one, there was a lovely four-poster bed that I would adore having, but my room is cramped and getting more cramped as it is, so no bed for me.  We drove past it, because we were on the way to lunch, and I almost missed a frakking stop sign, and yes, the mom in me still functions, because I hit the brakes hard and put my arm in front of landlord, as if he were a ten year old.  That was also amusing.  Anyway.....after lunch, we went back to the garage sale with the bed, and since it was a full and not a queen, it wouldn't work for him, but not six feet away were washers and dryers and fridges, and they looked very new.  Turns out, the family having the garage sale, the dad is a maintenance guy for an upscale apartment/condo place, where when something goes wrong, they just remove it and get new.  He takes the "broken" stuff home, fixes it, then sells it.  So, we bought a practically new washing machine, desperately needed, complete with warranty still intact, for $125.  Guy delivered it, noticed we had a problem in the outgoing pipes, fixed that and hauled away the old washer.  Didn't charge us any extra for all that.  Also, now we have a number for someone who can do some minor stuff around the house who is NOT a dumbass.  Granted, he speaks little English, and I'll have to seriously work on my Mexican/Spanish conversational skills, but that is promising.  Now we have to get the stuff to mark the washer knobs so landlord can 'see' the settings when he's doing his laundry.  I'm getting a real education on blindness accommodations living here, I gotta say.

Also at this garage sale, I saw a Hawaiian shirt and a suit jacket with tails, both in my grandson's size.  I was so tempted to get them, but I resisted.  The lady running the garage sale brought me some jeans, and when I told her they were too small, she looked me over pretty good and looked at the jeans again, and  was all, "No way, these would fit you," only in Spanish.  Great compliment, but yeah, six sizes too small, thanks.
And a month after I got sick (Happy New Year to me, right?), I can still/again hear my lungs squeaking when I breathe, so I guess I really do have to go to the county's urgent care clinic.  I mean, I'm not in pain or anything, but the squeaking is distracting, and I am having trouble breathing, more trouble than usual.  ETA:  I told myself if it was still bothering me on Monday, I'd go, and it wasn't, so I didn't.