Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Pantene ProV Silky Moisture Whip

After receiving this sample in the mail from VocalPoint a week or so ago, I tried it in place of my usual Biolage mousse.

I have not noticed a difference in the texture of my hair, nor in the frizzy/not frizzy ratio.  It also does not hold my style, what little style there is, as well as the Biolage.

It's easy to apply - I mean how hard is it to put mousse in my hair - but since it does neither what it is advertised to do, nor what I use mousse to do, I'm definitely not impressed.

I don't recommend you waste time or money on this one.

Three stars out of five, just because it comes out of the can right, smells good, and washes off my hands easily.