Sunday, July 22, 2012

Five Things I'd Tell the Teen Me

There is not enough money in the world to entice me into being a teen again, and yet, there are some things I might like to let the teen me know - things that wouldn't change much, but might make me more sane as I grew up.

High school is not your time.  You'll be cool someday, and some of those people from high school will wonder to your face why they didn't bother to know you back then.

Find something physical you love to do and indulge on a regular basis.  Trust me.  And on that note, it's not running.

There is no such thing as normal, so just quit wondering why you're not and figure out who YOU are.  I guarantee you're unique.

Those shares of stock mom buys you every year?  Make sure you always know where the certificates are because mom won't.

Some people in the family will never like you.  Let go of trying to please them and learn to please yourself.

And a bonus...take a different date to the Military Ball.  You'll both enjoy it more.

There is very little chance that any of us will have the opportunity to encounter our teen selves and impart any wisdom at all.  What we can do is pay attention to the teens around us today.  Find ways to share what we know in subtle ways.  Remember, we're adults, and as such, we know nothing in their eyes.  I've taken chances and shared my own youthful foibles with my daughter.  Other parents were horrified, but I wasn't a perfect teen.  I was miserable, and she deserves to know that and maybe, if we're both lucky, use that to make her own mistakes and choices.