Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book: The Last Witness by John Matthews

I am 27% into this book, and just cannot get any further. This will be one of a handful of books in my entire life that I don't finish.

It is written in some form of Canadian English that is unlike any Canadian English I've ever read. I can even read formal British English without losing any comprehension, but this one is leaving me behind. The author writes in long, convoluted, run-on sentences that are so confusing I have to read them three or four times to figure out what he's trying to say. I'm having trouble keeping the cast of characters straight, and frankly, right now, I don't really care about any of them except the little girl.

In addition to the strange language in which this book is written, there are a plethora of small mistakes, like using "wiseness" instead of "wisdom" that distract me even more from the story and make me wonder whether this author's first language is even English.

The other reviewer says that this book explodes when the two stories collide, and I'd like to be there for that, but I just can't keep reading this any longer. I'm thankful that I downloaded it when it was free.

Sorry, Mr. Matthews, but I won't be looking for any of your other work, either. No fanlove here.

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