Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book: Guardian by Elita Daniels

The blurb talks about secrets being revealed by a guardian. I read to 93%, then skimmed the rest. At 93%, there were still no secrets revealed. This was a bunch of disjointed snippets put together. Sometimes the pieces made sense and sometimes they didn't. I'm still trying to figure out what this book was. It wasn't terrible, it was just pointless. Though Anna felt passion of various kinds, I never felt them with her. The words were just words, words that didn't convey any real meaning to me as the reader. She was in love with somebody, but I never understood why or really anything about her. I never cared about her or her well-being.

Grammar and spelling were good. Book was well-edited.

I'm not sorry to have skimmed the remaining 7% of the book, and I have zero interest in any other books by this author. Your mileage may vary.