Thursday, May 24, 2012

App Review: Random Mahjong

Random Mahjong

I found this accidentally while I was on Amazon searching for something else. I actually downloaded it through my Android phone, though.

The colors are vibrant, with pretty backgrounds and several different choices of tiles. The board moves as I remove tiles, making the remaining tiles bigger and easier to see and match up. The only downside I've found is that if I get down to the last tiles and can't remove them, the board reloads exactly as it was and I get to try again. I'd rather it shuffle the tiles and give me a new chance. However, that is a very small nitpick and most definitely has not kept me from playing the game late into the night when I'm supposed to be charging my phone. lol

The ad bar across the bottom is barely noticeable, and hasn't distracted me at all from playing.

Update - I've also downloaded this to my Kindle Fire, and it plays beautifully there, too.  It also has the extra plus of being larger.  lol