Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: Bra

Leading Lady Cotton Front Hook Leisure Bra

Style: 20231
I can no longer reach behind me to connect a bra in back.  For months now, my daughter has been helping me with my bras anytime we had to go out.  But then, she traveled to San Antonio to spend a week with her husband, and I had appointments.  I HAD to go get a bra that closed in front.  I've always had good luck with the Hanes/Bali/etc outlet at Grapevine Mills mall, so I headed there.  The woman in the store was extremely helpful, and though she didn't have exactly what I was looking for, she found me something that would work well enough.

That was a Playtex bra, and I liked it well enough that I researched to find how much larger they came, since this one was a cup-size or two too small.  Imagine my surprise to find that the size I was wearing was as large as Playtex makes.

The hunt was on, so I researched and read reviews and researched some more.  Finally, I had my choices whittled down to two, and both were available in my price range on  I ordered one of one style, because I was pretty sure it would be too small but wanted to try it on, and two of the other.  The other was the subject of this review, the Leading Lady style number 20231.

This bra is so comfortable I forget I'm wearing a bra!  That is something I NEVER thought I would say.  I have large breasts, which get larger as I gain weight, so finding something that feels so comfortable is just amazing.  This bra is a cotton/spandex blend.  The straps do not adjust, but are slightly padded and feel great.  The one con for me is that something so comfortable provides almost NO support, so when I go out in public, my breasts jiggle, which I think is extremely unattractive, as well as unnecessary.  It's a price I'm willing to pay, for now, to have something comfortable to wear, which I can afford, which I can fasten by myself, which also keeps me from being completely braless in public.