Sunday, June 12, 2011

Book mini-Reviews: Lori Foster

I got all of these books at my local library.  I received nothing in exchange for what reviews I give.

Tempted:  this is a collection of three full-length books from 1999 and 2001, written around a family.  Each story relates in some way to a family member and how his/her happily-ever-after came to be.   Stories are: Little Miss Innocent; Annie, Get Your Guy; and Messing Around With Max.  Personally, I loved this anthology.  Each one included little tidbits of the other family members, and that helped each subsequent story build on the one before.  The family relationships were real and humorous.  The sex was hot.  The plots were fresh.  Thumbs Up.

Bewitched:  this is a collection of two full-length books from 2000, with no common theme.  Stories are: In Too Deep and Married to the Boss.  Perhaps because I'd just finished reading Tempted and enjoyed it so much, I had high expectations, and this book fell short.   Although parts of the books were fresh and engaging, mostly, it was just same-old, same-old, and I didn't really enjoy either one of them.  Thumbs Down.

Yule Be Mine: this is an anthology of short stories published in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007, written around the common theme of Christmas, obviously.  Stories are:  He Sees You When You're Sleeping; White Knight Christmas; Do You Hear What I Hear: and The Christmas Present.  I was actually looking for another similarly-themed book when I found this one, and picked it up on a whim, because it was Lori Foster.  Each story is humorous and fun.  Maybe because the stories are short, none of the lead characters seem to be carrying around too much baggage, though there are obstacles to overcome, naturally.  They wouldn't be romances without that.  Thumbs Up.

Back in Black is a full-length story published in 2010.  This book pissed me off.  Seriously.  The heroine is this bad-ass business woman who talks about how she doesn't want to have sex with her client, for several very good reasons, but the second he touches her neck, she gives in and just lets him.  The "hero" doesn't believe no is a good enough answer, because he just knows she wants him.  He doesn't care about the damage to the lady's career, or the fact that she simply wants to get to know him before they have sex.   The cycle repeats, ad nauseum.  Sorry, Lori, but if this one had a positive message, I failed to interpret it, though I did enjoy what little I learned about MMA.  Thumbs Way Down.

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