Thursday, June 2, 2011

Book mini-Review - No Mercy

Maybe it's just me, but Ms. Kenyon seems to be losing her touch.  The Big Bad (c Buffy) was neither all that big nor all that bad.  There was little suspense.  Maybe it's time to move on to a different series, or just write stories in this universe that don't build upon one another.

In the beginning of the book, when Devereaux Peltier and Sam Savage meet, there are the trademarks sparks of sexual attraction.  Then, it's just not hot anymore.  Where's the steamy sexual antics I count on Sherrilyn Kenyon providing? 

There are too many secondary characters to keep track of in this book.  Many of them have had their own story told, and they don't feel right in the corners and shadows or with one-line mentions thrown in randomly.  They detract from the story of Dev and Sam, and they're pretty two-dimensional, to boot.

Sam spends a bit too much time reflecting on her previous life as a human Amazon, and on what made her a Dark-Hunter.  Waah, waah, waah. 

The conclusion, when it comes, is anti-climactic and some of it is unexplained.  How'd that happen?  Huh?  I hate to say goodbye to what used to be a good series, but I think I've read my last Dark-Hunter novel.  Sorry, Sherrilyn.

I got this book at the local library, and received nothing in exchange for this review.

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