Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book miniReview - Animal Magnetism

This is a warm and funny story of two people who probably should have met sooner, had one of the pair stopped avoiding returning home. 

Lilah runs the local kennel in smalltown Sunshine, Idaho.  Brady is leaving a convenience store  for his foster brothers' vet practice when he is rear-ended by what seems to be a small version of Noah's Ark.

Sparks fly instantaneously, and Lilah decides to end a long dry spell with a total stranger. 

The intense protectiveness of Lilah's male friends (who turn out to be Brady's foster brothers) and the ridiculous animal antics of her kennel residents, blend to form a heartwarming and funny story of scratching an itch, only to find forever under the skin.

I got this book at the library, and no money or gifts were exchanged for this review.