Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book mini-Review - In Harm's Way

In Harm's Way is the story of Rachel Sutton, who picks up a Raggedy Ann doll, only to be overwhelmed by feelings of terror.  Against friendly advice, she decides to report the doll, and her feelings about it, to the local FBI office. 

During this interview, she meets Special Agent Nick Bradley, who naturally thinks she's a kook.

Nick is reviewing a report from an ongoing kidnapping case the following week, only to find a link to the Raggedy Ann doll.

Rachel is drawn into the case because media coverage reveals her connection to the doll, and the kidnapper, who believed that tossing the doll into a dumpster would be the end of it, moves to eliminate her.

The characters and action create a story that is easy to read and enjoyable. 

In Harm's Way falls under a new category of fiction, Inspirational, where the characters profess to be Christian, and the action does not include sexual activity between unmarried main characters.

Despite my long-time personal preference for stories including hot, steamy sex, I found In Harm's Way to be well-written enough that the lack of sex did not detract from the suspense and forward motion of the story.  Coming from me, that says quite a lot.

I got this book at the library, and no money or gifts were received in exchange for this review.

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