Friday, April 8, 2011

Thrilling Thursday

OK.  It's not really thrilling, but I like the alliteration.

I went to a book club meeting tonight.  Uh, technically, that would be last night.  I met several interesting women, one of whom is a local author, and got a bunch of suggestions for books to read or authors to watch.

It was a lot of fun to get out of the house, and it cost me nothing but a little gas money.  Or a little more, since I already had to go to the Post Office to mail a couple of packages ( stuff I sold!!!).

I plan to go again next month, and I have the next three months books saved on my Blackberry, so that I can find them at the library and read them before the respective meeting.

They even seemed slightly interested in possibly reading some of my mom's stuff, if I can get it into publishable form.  I have been thinking about that, since it was one of my mother's dreams to be a published fiction author.  The only thing standing in the way now is my lack of knowledge.