Friday, April 8, 2011


Moving is again in the top of my things to think about; it seems probable that it will be later than April, giving me a little more time to cull, donate, sell and otherwise divest myself of my worldly goods.  I'm a little more hopeful today that I can actually achieve this before the moving date without giving things away willy-nilly.

I need all the hope I can get.

And, I made two sales this week on Bonanza, and one on Amazon, so it's been a good week as far as sales go.  I would dearly love to sell something every single day, and/or to schedule a pickup from someone off the recycling list every single day.

Thanks go out into the ether to those people, both known to me and unknown, who have helped me during the last year by giving my things a new home, either through free-cycling or through my online sales sites, or through just plain old cash in hand.

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