Friday, April 8, 2011

Health stuff

Last week sometime, I flippantly remarked to my Kid that either I had put on a LOT of weight, or the dryer at her grandparents' house was shrinking my clothes.  The idea being, of course, that it was the dryer.

I have not weighed myself in months, maybe nearly a year, because my most recent doctor specifically told me not to weigh myself except at her office.  She wanted my focus to be on making healthy choices, not on the numbers.

Well, my curiosity overwhelmed me and I stood on the scale at the grandparents' house.  That scale said 318.  I do not like this number, unless it is a black one in my checkbook.  I have never, including during my pregnancy (17 years ago, but still) weighed this much. 

Add the weight to my recent tendency to have swollen feet, legs, knees, etc., and I'm not a happy camper.  When I take my shoes off at night, my feet look deformed, with obvious demarcations where my shoes were and where my socks were. 

My aunt asked me if my blood pressure was up.  Of course, I have no way to know if it is or is not, since I don't see a doctor anymore. 

One more thing to worry about, because I don't think these are good things. 

And, if you're still reading, I've got a stack of books to review (or not) that I hope to get to sometime this weekend.

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