Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tall, Dark and .....

These three books represent the first six stories of Seal Team Ten, originally published as six separate books.  I checked these out at the library and no money changed hands anywhere.

Tall, Dark and Dangerous contains the stories Prince Joe and Forever Blue. 

Tall, Dark and Dangerous: Prince Joe\Forever Blue (Hqn)

Tall, Dark and Fearless contains the stories Frisco's Kid and Everyday, Average Jones.

Tall, Dark and Fearless: Frisco's Kid\Everyday, Average Jones (Hqn)

Tall, Dark and Devastating contains the stories Harvard's Education and Hawken's Heart.

Tall, Dark and Devastating: Harvard's Education\Hawken's Heart (Hqn)

I suppose it's the military brat in me, and I love stories about men in uniform and how they make families work.  I don't discriminate as far as the type of uniform, either.  I'm just as fascinated with other heroes, such as policemen, firemen and others.

I've read several of the Seal Team Ten novels, and have wondered about the relationships that were already established when I got to those books.   These six stories are the very beginning of the series, and I loved them all!  Some stories were more compelling than others, but at the end of all six, I couldn't tell you which were which.

Suzanne Brockman writes other novels, including some about FBI agents, and is a card-carrying member of PFLAG, which only endears her to me more.  Her novels include stories with gay characters, new mothers, confirmed (so they think) bachelors, and nearly always a suspenseful, action-packed plot.  On top of that, the sex scenes sizzle!

My kind of books, without a doubt.