Monday, February 7, 2011

It's been an ice cube, y'all!

No, not really.

We have had four or five days in a row with sub-freezing temps and lots of precipitation.  Though I spent four years in Missouri and can drive in this stuff, I chose to stay off the road, so that the other Texans, some of whom you'd think had never even SEEN snow on TV, would not kill me.  Therefore, I am still alive.

I've spent a lot of time reading, and playing with the grandbaby, and perusing pictures on AFWingMOMs' Facebook page.  If you know of anyone who has a relative in Basic Military Training at Lackland, tell them about AFWingMOMs, so that maybe they can see a picture or two of their loved one.  AFWingMoms also has a web page that is not on Facebook, so there are two places to look, and to give and get support while a loved one is gone for two months.  (It's almost like they disappear from the face of the planet, particularly if they don't write or call.)  There are also discussion topics for what to bring to graduation and what NOT to do while on base.  lol

I had several things listed on eBay, since they are doing their free listing thing, but only a pair of pants sold, and so far, I have not gotten paid for them.  I hate it when they don't pay for days, and I'm just about ready to report them for nonpayment, and then they pay and wonder what's taking me so long to get the damn thing out to them.  Brats.

Tomorrow is another Monday, lucky me.  I will try to get to those book reviews I still have to do.  Sheesh.  Just can't seem to make myself write them up.