Saturday, February 19, 2011

Got some things done yesterday

Sort of.  lol

I was awake a good part of the daylight hours yesterday, which is quite a switch from what has been the norm, lately.  I am, at 0751 on Saturday, still awake, from yesterday, so I'm less than hopeful that Saturday will be an awake during daylight kind of day.

I checked the mail, and got out of the house to use a coupon, because Mrs. Potatohead was still asleep and I was soooooo hungry.  I'd left it too late, and was unable to find any place open (that wasn't fast food), even on a Friday night.  Bummer.

I managed to forget the package I needed to mail, so it will have to go out today.

I spent a good bit of time in Mrs Potatohead's room, sorting laundry according to whom it belongs.  I think that'll make it easier to grab a basket or two and head to the in-laws for some quality laundry time.  That was quite some pile of laundry.  Five baskets worth, and two pillowcases full, not including the larger blanket items that Baby Potatohead has spit up on, or otherwise graced with his presence.  :D

Vacillated between listing my George Foreman grill on eBay or just freecycling it, and ended up freecycling it.  The new owner is supposed to come pick up the grill this morning, in about an hour.  I will be happy to have one more thing out of my house.

So many things run through my head - sell this thing? or freecycle it?  Package these items together by color and purpose, or just get rid of each thing individually?  I have so much stuff, and I'm feeling more overwhelmed every day by the prospect of divesting myself of nearly all my worldly goods by the end of April.   Doing it virtually unassisted makes me want to run away.

Time just flies.  In a smidge over 30 days, Mr Potatohead graduates from Air Force Basic Military Training, and in very short order, Mrs and Baby will join him at his new location.  I must have many of my belongings given away or sold by then, as I'll have no place to live at the end of April - family has been helping since June, and they are not willing to help when it's just me, so I must vacate the premises.  That's actually more than a little terrifying, and so I try to avoid thinking about what I will do when I have to leave this apartment.  Ignoring things has never really worked before, but I keep trying it, anyway.

I did find a job listed that sounds about perfect, and though I'm not confident that I can physically handle the stress of working, I'm applying anyway.  I can hope that if I am offered the position, they would be willing to make some accommodations for my increasing physical infirmity.  I would be indescribably glad to have some regular income, and it might make finding a room to let or some other roof-over-my-head easier.  I mean, who wants a moocher on their couch for months on end, right?

I'm hoping that I can manage to stay awake long enough to get Mrs and Baby and some laundry over to the in-laws, so that we can nap our way through a couple of loads of laundry, and come back with some clean clothes.  Clean sheets, in particular, feel so good, don't they?

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