Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nothing Important Happened Today

Bonus points if you know from whence that came.

I got a little bit of stuff out the door to a new owner, who knows several families recently affected by fire in their homes, so more stuff may go soon from her referrals.

Moved some stuff around to make it easier to access once Mr Potatohead leaves for Basic Training tomorrow.  OMG, it's tomorrow!  :(

Held Baby Potatohead while he slept.  I love doing that.  He also helped me list things on Amazon by pounding on the laptop, and helped me hold my Snapple bottle so it wouldn't run away from me.

Made some guacamole in the middle of the night.  It tasted better than the chips, so I ate it by itself.  I may have already told you this.

Got my car fixed and got the title in my hot little hand.

Got a couple dozen new items listed on Amazon, and shipped something to Norway (!).