Wednesday, January 19, 2011

latest on health 01/19/2011 - mild tmi alert

Well, I have been sleeping pretty crappily for weeks now.  I stay awake all night, sleep all damn day, don't get anything done (except sell things on Amazon, thank goodness it's open 24 hours!).

For a long time (more than four years), I've been experiencing an alternating pain/numbness in my left leg.  It's got something to do with spinal stenosis, and life just goes on, as it does no matter what.  This p/n was once just a small section of my outer thigh, and is exacerbated when I stand for more than about 20 minutes.  Lately, the p/n has encompassed my entire leg, down to the left side of my foot and the bottom of my toes, and happens whether I'm standing, sitting, or gallivanting through the tulips.  And you know I gallivant remarkably often.  :D

Add to that, I've been having pain in my left hip.  This pain makes it harder than usual to get moving if I've been sitting down, and makes it painful to put weight on it or to lie the wrong way in bed (or to change position if I'm in the wrong one!) or stand in the wrong position, like in the shower or in front of the bathroom sink.  This afternoon, this pain woke me up from a dead sleep.  Seriously! 

So, now I have a bum left elbow and a bum left hip, and it's beginning to get more than a little annoying.  And yes, it does concern me.  But without health care, what does a person do?  If I were a member of Congress, I could answer that differently.

The swelling in my feet seems to have gone down, though not completely away.  And yes, I still have the hemorrhoids from hell.  OMG.

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